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Abby White Book Signing

Nashville Scene staff editor   Abby White will be joining us at Howlin’ Books and Grimey’s Too on Wednesday, August 27th for a book signing and chat about her book 100 Things to Do in Nashville Before you Die. 

The following is a peek at Abby’s book.

Nashville has been called many things: "Music City," the "Athens of the South," or even "It City." (Thanks for that last one, New York Times.) But many of us just call it home, and while we're grateful that a bunch of travel and food magazines think we're awesome, we still have a few tricks up our sleeves. Whether you reside in the 615 or just like to visit, there is a lot to eat, drink and experience here. Perhaps you were a karaoke star at Santa's Pub way before Jimmy Buffet and Toby Keith filmed a music video there, but have you washed down a Donkey Leg with a Donkey Punch at Donks? Meat and three at Arnold's is indisputably fantastic, but what about the Italian meat and three at Savarino's? Everyone knows that you can get a superb cocktail at Patterson House or City House, but do you know which bar has the best Bushwacker? Maybe it's been a while since you hit the honky tonks on Lower Broad, so you might want to know which one is the best one for dancing with a stranger, and which one is filled with frat boys. Whatever you're looking for-hiking trails, arthouse theaters, record stores, shopping malls, hot chicken-this city has it, and this book will help you find it.

Join us at 6:00 pm on Wednesday the 27th, refreshments will be served!  And not to be a spoiler but Grimey’s is one of the 100 Things to do!

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