New Release - Old Records Never Die by Eric Spitznagel

On the shelf as of 4/12/16 at Howlin' Books is OLD RECORDS NEVER DIE, in which author Eric Spitznagel recounts his quest to find the original vinyl artifacts from his past, reminiscing about the music and the people he listened to it with—old girlfriends, his high school pals, and, most poignantly, his father and son. A true audiophile, Spitznagel guides you through his favorite music, memories, and his search to piece together the music of his past. Jeff Tweedy from Wilco wrote the foreword, and Dave Eggers praised the book: “Memories are far more indelible when married to the physical world, and Spitznagel proves the point in this vivid book. We love vinyl records because they combine the tactile, the visual, the seeable effects of age and care and carelessness. When he searches for the records he lost and sold, Spitznagel is trying to return to a tangible past, and he details that process with great sensitivity and impact.”