Our First Blog!

Wow- I can’t believe I’m finally getting to write a blog for Howlin’ Books. We have now been open since late Feb. 2013, and here it is almost August 2014 and I’m finally getting to it.  Sometimes things just take a while. Back when I was just working with Grimey’s and dreaming of having a bookstore, I really never imagined it would come together the way it did, being housed with the Grimey’s expansion that is. My book partner Gwil and I both knew we wanted to open a bookstore and call it Howlin’ Books but we needed some big cash and a prime location before we could make it come to fruition.

Well we never got the big cash, hence why it is taking so long to get a proper website up. But that’s okay because we got open and we have stayed open and business is growing each day. Mike Grimes opened the original Grimey’s with basically his own record collection and a small loan from a friend. So we knew we could do it.

I have learned a lot in this first year. Like it takes a lot of time and effort to stay on the pulse of new releases that work for this store and that every now and then I’ll miss something. But the Wall of Sound has really grown to be something unique for a Nashville bookstore. It is Music City after all so it makes sense that we should have a “Wall of Sound” at Howlin’ featuring books by musicians, books about musicians and books about music and the music business.

I have also learned what kind of fiction we want to stock and what kind of fiction you can just pick up at Costco. I laugh at most of the pop culture  books we put out and then when they fly off the shelves so fast I realize we live in a city filled by folks with great senses of humor.  

And finally I have learned that events are a lot of work so only do the ones that are meaningful, and will hopefully bring in some people and that will sell some books. And events take patience. Our writer’s series grew to a packed out house by the end of our first season and so I’m getting excited about Howlin’ After Dark Season 2.

So that said, we are happy to already be rocking our second year. It is going to be a great rest of the year so come see us and see what we have in stock and next time my blog will be much shorter.

Thanks for the support,

Jessica Kimbrough