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Howlin’ Books is a small, independently owned bookstore in Nashville, Tennessee. Carrying both new and used books, we specialize in music, arts, pop culture, modern literature, poetry, and children’s books.

We share both a physical space and a passion for tangible media with Grimey’s Too, keeping a carefully curated selection of new and used books and magazines in stock. We’re all about the in-person experience, hosting everything from author signings to in-store performances by local and national musical acts in our shared space. Grab a drink from Frothy Monkey’s coffee bar and spend an afternoon in the store with us!

In the Latin words loved by our very own staff,
Non nutrientibus: “It doesn’t suck.”


One Summer: America 1927 by Bill Bryson

The award-winning author of A Short History of Nearly Everything recounts the story of a pivotal cultural year in the United States when mainstream pursuits and historical events were marked by contributions by such figures as Charles Lindbergh, Babe Ruth and Al Capone. 


Oblivion Stories by David Foster Wallace

In the stories that make up Oblivion, David Foster Wallace joins the rawest, most naked humanity with the infinite involutions of self-consciousness--a combination that is dazzlingly, uniquely his.


Good Manners for Nice People Who Sometimes Say F*CK by Amy Alkon

Combining science with humor, this in-your-face modern guide to manners for regular people provides a new set of rules for our 21st century lives that show us how to avoid being rude and stand up to those who are.


I Dreamed I Was a Very Clean Tramp by Richard Hell, now in paperback

In this unforgettable coming-of-age story, the progenitor of American and British Punk Rock shares his remarkable journey, from his arrival on the streets of New York in 1967 to his rise to fame, touring with such bands as The Clash and The Sex Pistols, to his full-blown descent into drug addiction. 


Tibetan Peach Pie by Tom Robbins

Internationally bestselling novelist and American icon Tom Robbins delivers the long awaited tale of his wild life and times, both at home and around the globe.


The John Lennon Letters by John Lennon & Hunter Davies

This groundbreaking collection of almost 300 letters and postcards has been edited and annotated by Hunter Davies, whose authorized biography The Beatles (1968) was published to great acclaim. 


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